Nathan Goodman

Phoenix Fatale

A broken beer bottle, a woman's scream, then all hell breaks loose

Peyton's one mistake had been stepping into that notorious biker bar.

But when a shadowy figure emerges to save her, he leaves a wake of destruction in his path.

Now with seven of their gang dead, the bikers are looking for revenge and will stop at nothing to kill her. As Peyton goes into hiding, she knows that if she is to survive, she'll have to overcome her fears and take the fight to them.

As her inner rage boils over, Peyton inadvertently endangers her friends. And against impossible odds she must face the ultimate choice, to risk her life, or lose everything.

Phoenix Fatale can be read stand alone, and is part of USA Today Bestselling Author Nathan Goodman's Peyton Phoneix Crime-Thriller Series. The series features high-adrenaline suspense, ruthless plot twists, and one unstoppable female.

Scroll up and order your copy today.

If you like the high drama of Lee Child's Jack Reacher thrillers, revenge-inspired assassins like La Femme Nikita, or the terrifying grit of Russell Blake's Jet series, then you'll love the page turning thriller Phoenix Fatale.
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