Wendolin Kramer, Laura Fernández
Laura Fernández

Wendolin Kramer

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The quixotic adventure of a quirky redhead determined to rid the world of supervillains—and an explosive cocktail of pop culture and noir, destined to become a cult classic 
Wendolin Kramer is not just any girl. She’s Wondergirl. Or so she thinks. She keeps an outfit, complete with a cape, in her wardrobe and waits for Kirk Cameron to answer her letters. Almost thirty years old, she lives with her domineering mother, her henpecked father, and her depressed, pink pooch, Earl, in a tiny apartment in post-Olympic Barcelona, running a detective agency from her bedroom. When she accepts a case to follow private investigator-cum-gigolo Francis Dómino, Wen plunges into an adventure that will change her life forever. While dealing with her mysterious client, she tangles with a comic-store clerk, an assassin, and the fans of Vendolin Woolfin, the bestselling romance novelist who hides a dark secret. Can superheroines take on the world without turning into supervillains? Wen is about to find out.
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