L. David Harris


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There are so many peddlers of so-called success all around these days. These peddlers try to sell us a bill of goods, pills, potions, formulas, and once in a lifetime business opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, there may be a few gems hidden among the dross here. 
There are others who attempt to entice us with $10 worth of actionable principles for thousands of hard earned dollars out of our pockets. They fill large conference rooms and many slots in live webinar sessions to sell excitement, dreams, and name-dropping. And many of us think, “If Person X is going to be presenting there, it must be great,” not realizing that Person X is just a paid participant who knows nothing about whatever the company is selling while it appears the celebrity participant really endorses all that will happen once their motivational speech is over. 
Truth is, success is not really that elusive a principle. It comes to all who have determination and a willingness to learn without ever giving up. Success is not only for elite athletes, shrewd businesspersons, or entertainment moguls who got their big breaks. 
Success is for you. Success is for me. It’s for people who feel like a failure. It’s for people who never thought they would be able to achieve their goals (if they even have any). It’s for ordinary people who are willing to make extraordinary commitments. And if you will ride with me for a while through this book, I will share some basic, practicable principles with you, that if you follow them, you will reach higher heights than you may have thought possible. And you will be able to do so without breaking the bank.
Enjoy as you read, Shine: Choosing Success When Failure Seems Inevitable.
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