Trish Morey,Rebecca Winters,Jessica Steele

Affairs Of The Heart

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Affairs of the Heart
{"strong"=>[{"em"=>["The Italian Boss’s Secret Child"]}]}
At his company’s masked ball, Italian tycoon Damien DeLuca entices a veiled beauty into the boardroom— and their evening culminates in an explosive encounter! Philly Summers is determined to keep her night of passion with the boss secret…. until she discovers she’s carrying Damien’s child.
{"strong"=>[{"em"=>["Falling for her Convenient Husband"]}]}
Nathan Mallory hasn’t set eyes on Phelix Bradbury since they conveniently wed. When they meet at an international business conference eight years on, Phelix is not the same shy, mousy girl Nathan knew. And her transformation certainly hasn’t escaped the English tycoon’s notice….
{"strong"=>[{"em"=>["The Brooding Frenchman’s Proposal"]}]}
Since Laura arrived at his family’s château, Raoul Laroche hasn’t taken his eyes off the golden-haired beauty. But can she convince him she’s not just another gold digger, out to snare the Laroche family fortune?
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