Greta Bowles

Space Piracy

Space pirates are bad news, right?But what if they are smoking hot and you find out that any physical contact sets your body on fire…and theirs too? Sal and Donna think the blue males who boarded their ship are the hottest things they've ever seen. Until these guys showed up, their cargo ship was as much fun as a woman's prison. And there is some kind of weird sexual chemistry thing going on between the species, too. Every time one of the soldiers grabs a female crew member, he gets rock hard and she finds herself wanting it hard and furious. So that part is damn hot…not to mention frequent.

But since pirates are bad news and all, they probably ought to stop them. Somehow.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Sal groaned. She didn't mind being on a third-class ship for one cycle, but this smacked of being in a woman's prison. Not that she saw anything wrong with eating other girls; it was just that she did like having a choice in the matter.

“What about the first mate? Does Jason do her too?” She pictured Jason being passed down the ranks like some sort of icon of office.

But Donna shook her head. “She could be a virgin as far as I know. She's tight-assed like one. I haven't noticed much of a human streak in her.”

That fit with the initial impression Sal had gotten from the lecture the mate had given her when she came on board. The mate went on endlessly about propriety and observing the rules. Well, in small, old and tatty cargo ship there was little privacy. Other than the Captain and the mate, who had their own cabins, the entire crew shared these living quarters, which were nothing more than some bunks and lockers with this table and chairs in the middle for card games or doing correspondence courses. The bathroom was just open showers, no stalls, and sinks and toilets. Propriety was hard to come by under the circumstances. It was an effort just to stay civil during a long passage.

Jason slipped on his cotton pants. On an old ship of this class the air con didn't work well, and the standing orders gave priority for cooling the spaces with electronics equipment, and the two officers' staterooms. So the crew dressed lightly…even minimally. That was one reason they often sat around naked in the compartment. That situation compounded the frustration.
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