Charlotte Carroll

Eat Yourself…Thin

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“No fad diet or banning of food groups—this is about changing your relationship with food and exercise . . . to help you keep the weight off for good” (The Sun).
Would you set aside time each day for the next week or two if it helped transform your body and life and helped you lose the weight that you want? If so, then read on!
Diets come and go but medical advice on what constitutes as a good diet has stayed exactly the same, and this book promotes changing your lifestyle for the better through positive reinforcement about how we view ourselves and food. It includes diets from around the world that influence our own eating habits, healthy lifestyle swaps, the triggers to why we eat, and how to overcome any barriers we are feeling around weight loss. Think fats and carbs are bad for you? Find out how they can actually be part of a healthy balanced diet! With edible flower ice lolly recipes and unique alternate therapies, this book will help each individual achieve their goals.
Eat Yourself Thin has been written so that readers feel good about themselves, through changing their mindset and how we think about foods and diets. There are facts, studies, healthy recipes, and personal experiences with plenty of humor thrown in. After all, weight loss can be a struggle with cravings, urges, and stress—and laugher is always the best medicine!
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