Andrea Pennington,Karan Almond

Manifesting Love

Somewhere on this planet, there is a beloved man or woman who is perfect for you. If you've given up hope of finding love, then you are invited to put pessimism aside and consider that with nearly 8 billion people on Earth, there is certainly someone (or several someones!) with whom you can have a healthy and loving relationship. This book will inspire you to believe in the upcoming reality of being united with your beloved. ♥
But this book is also a nudge to stop waiting for love to fall into your lap, and to begin actively taking steps to change your vibration to call forth a love connection. We all have subconscious beliefs, patterns and blocks which stop us finding or accepting what we truly want. Each of us has a job to do in sorting through our own blocks and fears and shifting into alignment with what we truly want and deserve.

When we co-create with the Universe, amazing things can happen. You can manifest a deep, conscious loving relationship when you align your whole self with your wishes.

In Manifesting Love Dr. Andrea Pennington presents real life love stories of people from various backgrounds and cultures who have dug deep within themselves to find self-love, heal from past trauma, and define what they really want in a romantic relationship. Some have created elaborate rituals and ceremonies to ask the Universe to unite them with their ideal partner. Some have totally surrendered to the process, faithfully opening their heart to true love. While another has used the powerful art of Feng Shui to make her home inviting and inspiring for a new partner. What these stories have in common is how they illustrate common strategies and techniques for manifesting a soul-aligned relationship no matter our age or stage of life. There is great hope and inspiration to be found here.

Order your copy today and step confidently onto the path of manifesting a soulful love connection.Foreword by Michael Bernard Beckwith

Featuring stories by: 
Karan Joy Almond & Eric Gerson 
Abbey Kelly
Lene Nielsen 
Ofkje Teekens
Margaretha Tosi 
Karena Virginia
Lee-Anne Wine
Watch interviews to learn more about the authors by visiting www.ManifestingLoveBook.com
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