C.J. Edwards

Teacher Erotica

A hot and  horny erotic collection of teacher stories from the very naughty mind of

C J Edwards.


Sub Teacher — Naïve young teacher is compromised by a students’ parents.

Taking Advantage Of Teacher — Geeky student Edward creates a hypnosis machine and experiments on his teacher and fellow college students.

A Lesson From Teacher — Randy teacher Sarah punishes a parent for her child’s poor behaviour.

Seduced By Teacher — Sexy teacher Chloe finds out one of her female students has a crush on her.

Teacher Learns A Lesson — Sarah continues to seduce her pupil’s mother at home and her partner Craig joins in.

A Spanking For Teacher — It’s not long before Sarah is caught out by the head teacher! How will he punish her?

Pet Teacher — The naïve young teacher is now the property of her pupil’s parents — and strangely enjoys her subjugation!

Seducing The Trainee Teacher  Sarah Hadrian now has a student teacher to train and she trains her in the art of teaching and the art of seduction.

Adult reading material.

All characters are over eighteen.

This is a work of fiction and is sexually explicit.

All titles written by C J Edwards and available as single stories or within other collections.
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