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Tara Pammi

Married for the Sheikh's Duty

A matchmaking mistake leads to a playboy sheikh’s last temptation in this novel of smoking-hot sensuality from the author of The Unwanted Conti Bride.
Thanks to a recent scandalous exposé, the damage to Sheikh Zayn Al-Ghamdi’s reputation is threatening his family’s future.
So when fiercely independent Amalia Christensen has the gall to blackmail him with further ruination to ensure her innocent brother’s freedom, Zayn chooses to keep his enemies close . . . and make Amalia his temporary fiancée!
Zayn’s only duty is to his country. He can’t allow himself any emotional ties. But the hunger Amalia unleashes in him soon tempts the playboy sheikh to take their relationship from business to the bedroom . . .
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    His jaw went rigid, his expression exasperated fury.

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