Kiersten White

Perfect Lies

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This explosive sequel to Mind Games, which New York Times bestselling author Holly Black called “a brutal, exciting gem of a book,” is a lightning-fast, wickedly smart tale of two sisters trapped in a web of deceit—perfect for fans of Sara Shepard's Lying Game series.
For years, Annie and Fia have been in an endless battle for survival against the Keane Foundation. Now the sisters have found allies who can help them escape. But Annie's visions of the future and Fia's flawless instincts can't always tell them who to trust. The sisters can only rely on each other—and even their extraordinary gifts may not be enough to save them.
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b2873399731compartió su opiniónhace 5 meses

This sequel to “Mind Games” is the perfect conclusion to an enthralling story.I loved how this book portrayed Annie; instead of being the dependent sister who doesn’t do much to help,I was finally able to see the real personality of Annie: a strong kind caring person who will push herself to the limits to help those in need of protection and especially those she loves.


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“I don’t know what I want,” I whisper, and it’s true.

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