El color de la justicia, Michelle Alexander
Michelle Alexander

El color de la justicia

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Best-selling book: The English-language editions of The New Jim Crow have sold over six hundred thousand copies. The paperback has been on the New York Times bestseller list for over 160 weeks.
Brand new introduction by the author: Michelle Alexander's introduction will discuss how mass incarceration affects the Latino population in the U.S., including commentary on immigration detention centers.
High-profile author: Michelle Alexander continues to be an incredibly influential leader. Recently, a petition circulated calling for her nomination to the Supreme Court.
Large U.S. Spanish-speaking audience: Latinos are vastly overrepresented in the U.S. Criminal Justice system; they comprise nearly half of convicted Federal offenders; in California, Latinos accounted for forty percent of all arrests; in Texas, thirty-six percent. 15 percent of all Latinos in the U.S. say that they or someone in their immediate family has been arrested within the last five years, and nearly 25 percent of Latinos aged eighteen to twenty-nine shared this experience. (Statistics from Latino Stats by Idelisse Malavé and Esti Giordani)
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The New Press
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