Ichiro Kawasaki

Japanese Are Like That

This classic book on Japanese culture and etiquette takes a candid look at Asia's most modern, yet misread society.Here is a different book about the Japanese. A far cry from the purple prose of the starry-eyed Western visitor or the sterile style of the government gazette, The Japanese Are Like That is a down to earth scrutiny of the so called “inscrutable” Japanese. Armed with a cool head, the gift of clear expression, and an objectivity born of years of foreign residence, the author discusses with refreshing candor the national traits and ways of life of his countrymen, and compares them with those of other peoples, letting the chips fall where they mayDespite his background as a career diplomat, Mr. Kawasaki in this book dispenses with top hat and striped trousers and pulls no punches in exploding some popular myths and romantic illusions about Japan and the Japanese.This book is certain to provide the reader with new insights into little known facets of Japan which very few authors have cared or dared to treat so openly.
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