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Margaret Atwood

The Door

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The Door, Margaret Atwood's first book of poetry since Morning in the Burned House, is a magnificent achievement. Here in paperback for the first time, these fifty lucid, urgent poems range in tone from lyric to ironic to mediative to prophetic, and in subject from the personal to the political, viewed in its broadest sense. They investigate the mysterious writing of poetry itself, as well as the passage of time and our shared sense of mortality. Brave and compassionate, The Door interrogates the certainties that we build our lives on, and reminds us once again of Margaret Atwood's unique accomplishments as one of the finest and most celebrated writers of our time.
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    Another visit to the Oracle
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    Questioning the dead
    Go to the mouth of a cave,

    dig a trench, slit the throat

    of an animal, pour out the blood.

    Or sit in a chair

    with others, at a round table

    in a darkened room.

    Close your eyes, hold hands.

    These techniques might be called

    the heroic and the mezzotint.

    We aren’t sure we believe in either,

    or in the dead, when they do appear,

    smelling like damp hair,

    flickering like faulty toasters,

    rustling their tissue paper

    faces, their sibilants, their fissures,

    trailing their fraudulent gauze.

    Their voices are dry as lentils

    falling into a glass jar.

    Why can’t they speak up clearly

    instead of mumbling about keys and numbers,

    and stairs, they mention stairs . . .

    Why do we keep pestering them?

    Why do we insist they love us?

    What did we want to ask them

    anyway? Nothing they wish to tell.

    Or stand by a well or pool

    and drop in a pebble.

    The sound you hear is the question

    you should have asked.

    Also the answer.
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    Margaret Atwood lives in Toronto with writer Graeme Gibson

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