The School of Life


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Few life skills are as neglected, yet as important, as the ability to remain calm. Our very worst decisions and interactions are almost invariably the result of a loss of calm — and a descent into anxiety and agitation. Surprisingly, but very fortunately, our power to remain calm can be rehearsed and improved. We don’t have to stay where we are now: our responses to everyday challenges can dramatically alter. We can educate ourselves in the art of keeping calm not through slow breathing or special teas but through thinking. This is a book that patiently unpacks the causes of our greatest stresses and gives us a succession of highly persuasive, beautiful and sometimes dryly comic arguments with which to defend ourselves against panic and fury.
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    katyaedelevacompartió una citael mes pasado
    The longing to be calm can be a deeply significant and precious part of one’s character, especially when turmoil grips the mind.
    katyaedelevacompartió una citael mes pasado
    We’re working with the highly misleading background assumption that the lover of something is the person who is really good at it. But the person who loves something is the one who is hugely aware of how much they lack it. And, therefore, of how much they need it.
    katyaedelevacompartió una citael mes pasado
    The more calm matters to us, the more we will be aware of all the very many times when we have been less calm than we might have been.

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