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The Woman Every Man Wants

During our whole life, we experience the worst and the best from everyone we encounter, never knowing about how much these experiences affect our life. We grow more positive or negative, depending on the amount of negativity or positivity received from life experiences. But are we victims or martyrs? Do we deserve such things? The answer to any of such questions will define who we are, what we do, and the decisions we make. These decisions, however, will reflect back in our identity, reinforcing what already exists. There’s no such thing as being stronger or weaker, but merely more unaware of our own power and responsibility towards existence, or a false pride about what our life is all about. Lack of answers define a strong ideal and value, and not the opposite. This is what we see in beautiful women that can’t get a date, marry and have children with the man they dream about. They start developing the idea that men don’t appreciate them, that men only love bitches and, as so, they become more depreciative of themselves. And once this happens, they find other explanations to deny the failure within their ego. That answer will revert at blaming others or circumstances, namely, by saying that men are losers, pathetic and purely sexual, or attributing all their problems to childhood. The problem in all these equations, is not related to what happens, but to whom we become. To look at such woman and say that she doesn’t have a relationship isn’t as important as to say that she doesn’t love herself. These answers, that they can provide towards such arguments, are merely illusions that they can’t recognize anymore from within, because they’ve lost their sense of purpose. Such answers are related to the belief that they’re superior to men in intellect and independency. But the superiority of intellect and independency doesn’t always translate in the same manner in emotional maturity and loving connections. This is why this book was written, to teach women how to love themselves more, gain a more realistic sense of female pride and find their ideal man and marriage.
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