Madison C.Peters

The Wisdom of the Talmud

A boundless source of consolation and intellectual stimulation and one of the central texts of Judaism, the Talmud is not only a great compilation of ancient wisdom concerning law, religion, history, ethics, metaphysics, and folklore; it is also a treasure trove of aphorism, maxims, and witty sayings, including:
Adversity is the true school of mind.
Avoid anger and thou wilt not sin.
Too many captains sink the ship.
The noblest of all charities is in enabling the poor to earn a livelihood.
Dignity does not consist in a silk dress.
There are over 500 other proverbs and adages come together in this delightful collection, arranged under 143 headings such as adversity, ancestry, anger, business, charity, death, friendship, home life, honesty, immortality, labor, love, money, and truth. In addition to its sheer entertainment value, The Wisdom of the Talmud also provides important insights into Jewish ethics, folklore, and theology. Indispensable for writers, journalists, and public speakers, this rich selection will also delight general readers with its ageless appeal.
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