Jennifer Bernard

Falling for the Fireman

A Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel story

When a fashion magazine comes to San Gabriel’s Fire Station 1 for a photo shoot, firefighter Matt McBride thinks it’s going to be nothing but glamorous fun. But that all changes when a fire breaks out at the inn where the models are staying. Rescuing world-famous model Bianca Gallina should have been all in a day's work. But they say the deepest bonds form during a crisis.

For Bianca, trapped under a collapsed roof, the fireman's voice is a lifeline. Even though she can’t get a good look at him, his calm strength and sexy Scottish accent are everything she needs. If she survives, she knows it’ll be thanks to him. Big “if.” No one could blame her for sharing some of her deepest secrets in case she doesn’t make it out.

After the worst happens, the real rescue may be something neither of them expected—if they can find each other again.
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