Carmen Messon,Ramon Fontaine Mendez

Escarbando en Tu Pasado

In the first story you will share the moments that define the life of a day laborer who through his sacrifice and perseverance achieved more than survival but managed to reap love and hope. The story that follows will implant you in the mind of an old woman who, as a child, survives the threat of a catastrophic event only to later lose everything. In the following story you will be transported to a time and place where the lover of a cigar maker is flooded with hopes of love and recognition as she searches for ways to protect and provide for her children. That story is followed by an anecdote that will place you in the middle of the unheard-of tales of a grandmother who, with her idyllic tone and delusional style, rejoices her granddaughter. Another of these stories you find yourself fully infiltrated into the existence of a sugarcane worker who, despite bad luck, manages to demonstrate that love for family is enduring. The collection culminates with two stories that will envelop you in the words of a man of faith who fights against an internal conflict that ends up consuming his soul and heart. And with the story of a slave who, with sacrifice, kept the next generations alive despite losing her true love.
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