Dominique Paige

Older Women Younger Men FemDom Bundle

These young submissive men are no match for the older dominant women who decide to sexually break them:

Fresh Meat

The annoyance of a major deal breaking down for her company is something that Brigitte Collins cannot shake off… until the young intern working for her shows up. His query of whether everything is alright is met with a snappy response, because it’s partly his fault that the deal has been lost. That gives her leverage over him though, and she decides to take advantage of it. She offers him a ride home, but makes a detour to her apartment and takes her frustrations out on him in a night of female domination.

Spanking The Spoilt Student

Angry at the constant disruptions to her classes, an attractive middle-aged lecturer decides to teach a cocky student a lesson in discipline.

Instructing him to attend her office at the end of the day, she locks him inside to show him that women aren’t the weaker sex. He’s cowed into accepting the spanking punishment as an older woman dominates and uses him for her own pleasure.

Dominating My Wimpy Husband

When the immature behavior of her husband, Gary, irritates her one time too many, Coleen takes the advice of a friend to teach him a lesson by showing him who the boss in their house is. She springs the surprise on him when he arrives home from work one evening, and he’s given no choice but to be the submissive slave of the strict dominatrix his wife becomes.
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