Nicolas Lemarin

Sex Tape – erotic short story

‘In the dark, Harvey watches her choreography, entranced by her movements. As the music becomes more energetic, Fiona starts to move faster, shrugging off her robe and appearing totally naked on the screen. She puts her other breast up to the camera, stroking it while sighing gently in pleasure.’
Fiona travels a lot, but she and Harvey know how to handle the distance thanks to the wonder of video calling. Through their fun and games on-screen, they become even closer as a couple, despite the physical space between them. One day things change when Harvey suggests that they take things up a level by making a sex tape; the perfect way to reveal their eroticism to the world and teach others about true connection and real sex. Naturally, they are not short of viewers…

Nicolas Lemarin has a degree in psychology and is a former sailor. He used to be a journalist for nautical magazines as well.rnAs a lover of words and eroticism and a lively and creative mind, it is naturally that he started writing erotic short stories.
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J.V. Bell
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