Sydney Foster

Ketogenic Diet Guide for Beginners (Keto Cookbook, Complete Lifestyle Plan)

Ketogenic Diet Guide for Beginners

Easy Weight Loss with Plans and Recipes

Do you want to try the ketogenic diet?

Are you ready to make a positive lifestyle change?

Do you want to get rid of excess weight and feel better?

In Ketogenic Diet Guide for Beginners: Easy Weight Loss with Plans and Recipes, you'll learn everything you need to know about the ketogenic diet. This book walks you through how to prepare your home for your lifestyle change, what changes you'll need to make other than your diet, and how to start the ketogenic diet. You'll know exactly what to expect, including the keto flu and how to get over it, as well as a two week plan to help ensure success. You'll find many recipes so you can prepare your own meal plan too, as well as tips to help you along the way. There's no reason not to make a positive change in your life and find a happier, healthier you.
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