Claire Robin

How to Get a Divorce & Get Everything

Divorce does not always mean giving up. It also means to find the strength to give up on old things; to reach for better things, with the hope of handling the new things even better. In order to regain a sense of balance after a divorce, you have to divorce wisely. Unfortunately, most couples tend to be blinded by the desire to separate, forgetting that the decisions taken during the divorce proceedings will affect their futures.

All the legal processes must favor you to the best possibilities in order to be able to recover from the emotional loss that occurred at the rock stage of your marriage.

One of the mistakes women make when it comes to divorce is putting much priority on their emotional assets instead of the financial assets. Divorce only comes as a result of emotional breakdown, so the best thing you can do to get back on your emotional feet quickly is to focus on the financial assets.

This book is dedicated to men and women, and especially women, who may not know their way around the legality of divorce.  The decisions you are going to make will affect you long-term, and you need the best of knowledge and guidance in order to make the right decisions.

In this book you will learn about the things to avoid and the things to pay attention to when it comes to winning a divorce. You will learn about what to think about long-term, how to stay informed about possibilities, and ways to be prepared for a smooth divorce.
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