Right To Be Lazy, Paul Lafargue
Paul Lafargue

Right To Be Lazy

Loafers, loungers, and malingers of the world, this is your manifesto. Though it may sound like little more than a slacker's bill of rights, Paul Lafargue's The Right to Be Lazy is actually a carefully considered philosophical defense of a life free of the demands of labor that is carried out purely in the service of capitalism. The thinker was true to his belief system, dying in a joint suicide pact with his wife (who happened to be Karl Marx's daughter) at the age of 69 to avoid burdening his family.
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C.A. Love
C.A. Lovecompartió una citahace 2 meses
It would, however, be necessary to put the public funds out of the reach of the capitalists out of due regard for their acquired habits.

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