Darrell Schweitzer,Richard Matheson,Stephen Marlowe,A.R.Morlan,Hal Charles,Jay Brandon,Frank Nelson,William O’Farrell

Black Cat Weekly #5

Black Cat Weekly presents another selection of not-to-be-missed mystery and science fiction novels and short stories. With a great lineup of modern and classic fiction, here are—

NOT DONE WITH THE NIGHT by Jay Brandon [mystery short, Barb Goffman Presents]

ROAD TO SAMARRA by Jane Roth [mystery short]

HEIRS AND HOUNDS, by Hal Charles [solve it yourself mystery]

THE SQUARED TRIANGLE, by Frank Lovell Nelson [mystery short]

ONE HOUR LATE, by William O’Farrell [short mystery novel]

TRANSIENTS, by Darrell Schweitzer [science fiction short]

FROM THE WALLS OF IREZUMI by A.R. Morlan [science fiction short]

THE MAN WHO MADE THE WORLD by Richard Matheson [science fiction short]

SLAVES TO THE METAL HORDE, by Stephen Marlowe [short science fiction novel]
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