Getting Things Done, Dermot Duff
Dermot Duff

Getting Things Done

Success depends on getting things done. Why then, is it invariably so difficult? What IS the secret of getting things done? Is it enough to use your 'to do' list better, or do you have to change your whole mindset and even personality?
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lenakor2390compartió una citahace 6 meses
get more out of life.
Алёна Шкут
Алёна Шкутcompartió una citael año pasado
It’s said that you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate
Diana Rinzberg
Diana Rinzbergcompartió una citael año pasado
Mahatma Gandhi said: “Vision without action is merely a daydream, and action without vision is just being busy, but vision with action can change the world”.

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