Jennifer Becker

Tracking Payton

Payton’s father is missing and the more she starts looking for him a web of lies and secrets are untangled. Did she really know her father at all? One man in particular is determined to keep her at arm’s length, Alex.

Her father took him under his wing when they were younger. She’s always had a crush on him but she isn’t going to let physical attraction keep her from finding her father. Or his constant interference.

Alex left the only home he had ever known to become a soldier. He owed everything to Nick. Not only for taking him in and giving him a roof over his head, but a purpose in life. Which is why he’s determined to find Nick before anything happens to him or his nosy daughter.

Alex has always had a thing for Payton but he never wanted to disrespect Nick by pursuing her. Now she is determined to find her father and is unburying secrets that are best left where they lay.

They’ll have to work together to find Nick and ignore the pull between them. Simple enough.
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