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Cooking with children

Wanna enjoy some cooking with your child?

Are your children getting bored in front of the TV or with their gaming console?

Children LOVE to help in the kitchen, but are you afraid of letting them experiment?

This little Kids Experience “Cooking with children” will help you!

Discover small, simple and healthy recipes that will make them discover the pleasure of preparing with their hands drinks and tasty dishes :-)

We organize parties for more than ten years so take advantage from our experience in the organization of birthdays events and parties for children of all ages.

Cooking with your child is a magical moment of sharing. It is also a tremendous opportunity to convey your experience and create unforgettable memories for you and him, her or them!

What are you going to find in this Kids Experience practical guide: “Cooking with children”?

6 sections with different recipes

Tips, tricks and photos to illustrate the recipes

Links to videos

Presentation, ingredients required, detailed activity

So, ready to unleash the creativity of your children in the kitchen?
OK, let's go!


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