Donn F. Draeger,Masatoshi Nakayama

Practical Karate volume 1

“Simple, clear, easy to learn…Dispenses with hours of needed to practice for the professional…Outstanding primer on self–defense.” — Marine Corps GazettePractical Karate: Fundamentals of Self–Defense is the first volume in the classic six–volume series by Masatoshi Nakayama and Donn Draeger. Written for those too busy to devote hours a day to Karate training, it is a serious introduction to the basic elements of self defense.Excerpts from Practical Karate:“The secrets of self–defense can be summed up in the proverbs: 'a wise man avoids danger’ and 'to run away is the best way to win.' Yet, sometimes you are not able to choose these courses. I select here several techniques which you will be able to master with comparative ease, thus protecting yourself more effectively against any unarmed assailant.” – M.Nakayama“Properly learned karate response will teach you to face emergency attack situations or to run—both with confidence. The few minutes a day you spend in practice will never be wasted.” – Don Draeger
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