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Bible Story Book For Kids: True Bible Stories for Children About God And The Old Testament Every Christian Child Should Know

☆★Awesome Bible Stories For Your Loved Ones★☆

If you want an important tool to teach your children about the wonderful Bible and all the promises it holds, keep reading!

The New Testament is a clear and concise summary of the Greatest Story Ever Told, the Life of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is written for young minds to understand and explore the main points of Jesus' birth, life, death, and ascension, as well as the rise of the Christian church. It includes explanations of the locations, culture, hard to understand figures of speech, and the external cultures surrounding his life.
This book is geared to readers aged four to eight and is great for reading aloud, reading with your child, or for your child to read by themselves. It is perfect for anyone reading the Bible for the first time. The Beginner's Bible is also great for more mature readers, who are not familiar with the language of the Bible. This book is not at all childish. It does not
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Karen Jones
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