Sebastian Croft

How to Analyze People

The Secret to Analyzing People in an Instant…

“This book is the key to taking the lead in every social situation, improving your relationships and making a better impression on anyone you meet…”

Every human being is different — but not so different that you can't puzzle out what makes them tick, if you know how to look.

Science has drilled human personality down to a fine point, identifying the clear categories we each fall into and what drives and motivates each one of us.

Using this as your basis, you will learn to read like an open book every person who crosses your path, giving you the advantage in every encounter.

Discover the Building Blocks of Every Personality

In this book, you'll take a close look at the DNA of personality — the building blocks from which every human being is built. You'll start to connect those elements to the people already in your life, understanding them on a deeper and more personal level.

You will use this to:

• Discover what makes us all different — and what makes us all the same

• Use your understanding to take the upper hand, responding in the right way, at the right time, to the right person

• Take command of every social encounter

• Find your advantage in every social, personal and professional environment

Learn How Personality DNA Fits Together to Make a Unique Human Being
Meet the 16 personality types and discover how each one of us falls into one of these categories, no matter our individual experience, background and beliefs. Humans are like snowflakes, we really are all different, but we still only have these 16 shapes to choose from.

Discover What Sets Each of Us Apart
We start out in one of these 16 personality categories, but along the road of life we encounter many situations and lessons that set each of us apart. Learn how to see these differences clearly — and use them to your advantage.

Make Cold Readings That Surprise You With Their Accuracy

Find out how you can use simple techniques to draw information from a person. Not only will you be able to pick the minds of new acquaintances, you'll find that even your closest friends and family have hidden depths you had never before thought to seek.

Understand What People Are Truly Telling You Through Their Body Language

Body language is one of the most studied behaviors in social science, and for good reason. Only a tiny amount of our meaning comes across in what we say — the rest is hidden in the way we say it. By becoming an expert in reading body language, you will instantly find new levels of understanding. Such as:

• What does it mean when a person won't make eye contact?

• Why should you watch for dilated pupils?

• Does a smile always mean a person is happy?

Discover a Whole New World of Human Interaction and Unlock the Relationships You Always Wanted

From the moment you put down this book, every conversation you have, every meeting you attend and every party you enjoy will ring with the excitement of possibility. When you can analyze and understand other people, imagine how rewarding it will be to connect with them on a deeper level.

Become a genuine expert on human personality. Pick up your copy today!
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