Frank Hitchens

Range & Endurance

Range & Endurance — Fuel Efficient Flying in Light Aircraft was written for pilots flying light-single or twin piston-engine aircraft at the Student, Private or Commercial Pilot levels. Using the fuel carried on the aircraft in an efficient manner will not only save money but also increase the aircraft’s range (distance flown) or endurance (time remaining airborne). This book, Range & Endurance, discusses various factors in the efficient use of the fuel available, describes fuel technology, light aircraft fuel systems, refuelling procedures, pre-flight planning in regards to fuel use and in-flight use of fuel to increase the aircraft’s range or endurance. The book ends with a final chapter containing fuel calculation formulas for use on the pilot’s E6-B Air Navigation Computer. Flying for range or endurance is an important part of a pilot’s airmanship duties; this book Range & Endurance — Fuel Efficient Flying in Light Aircraft offers a good insight to achieve this on every flight.
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