Houston Cei

Paranormal Passion

After Danica passes into the spiritual realm, lovely Rebecca is chosen to manage the historic property. She loves giving tours and telling about Danica’s spicy taboo exploits. One starry night, Danica’s spirit returns to bless Rebecca with magical powers. She also accidentally passes on her taboo passions. Rebecca eagerly continues the tradition of inciting forbidden taboo lust in others.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Rebecca’s first Halloween was a great success. In addition to giving Rebecca the ability to make potions and the special Halloween treats, Danica gave her powers that were commonplace in the other dimension but magical in the world in which she had left. Danica also inadvertently passed onto Rebecca a serious degree of passion. The day after Rebecca’s first successful Halloween, she invited Emily and Robert over for dinner and celebration. They had not seen her in several days thus it was a very welcomed invitation. They were looking forward to an update on her progress with the open house tours. Rebecca was especially eager to show off the new witch’s attire she had fashioned by hand. It resembled a one-piece bathing suit that betrayed most of her shapely buttocks like a pair of thong panties. Black nylons were held by totally visible straps.

After greetings, Rebecca spun around to give Emily and Robert a complete view and asked, “What do ya think? Okay for tours?”

Emily and Robert laughed and Emily said jovially, “I think you’ll get a lot of bookings. Ya know, I always thought you were cute but I never realized how sexy you are.”

“Thanks, Emily. We’ll talk about that more later but I’ve got something else to show you.”

In addition to her appearance, Emily could not help but see something different in her bearing. Her smile and her eyes seem to bear a feeling of confidence. Emily had always seen Rebecca as an attractive young woman but at this meeting there seemed to be an enhanced sensuality in her appearance and personality. Emily was impressed with Rebecca’s interest in her work as she recounted the last few weeks and was also amused at the almost child-like enthusiasm as she spoke.

Rebecca took her guests by the hands to lead them to the great room where on the table was the Royal Doulton china with the bright floral design along with stem crystal glasses and genuine silverware. Emily was surprised to see that all the dishes were not arranged and asked, “Did you want us to help set the table?”

“Nope, just watch,” she responded as she began using her power of telekinesis to move all the dishes perfectly in place.

Robert was speechless as he watched the dishes moving but Emily voice out, “Rebecca, what has happened to you? You look, walk and talk differently and now you’re doing magic tricks.”

“It’s not a ‘trick,’” she responded and proceeded to describe her contact with Danica from the other dimension.

After wining and dining, Rebecca said, “Emily, you said to read as much of Danica’s literature as I could find. Well, I did and I came across her diary and I must say that it was quite erotic. She had a great time with the two of you.”

Emily smiled and said, “Okay, it was ‘great’ as you say but I get the feeling that you’re going someplace with this.”

“I hope it’s to bed,” Rebecca responded. “We talked about suggestive dressing like this for tours and so I have. I’ve also been wanting you beautiful persons to get excited about me.”

Robert finally broke his silence and said, “You’ve succeeded. We are excited and it sounds like you’re making a pass at us.”

Emily then said boldly, “Enough talk, let’s have a wonderful threesome.”

Rebecca led her lovers up the spiral stairway and was purposely three steps ahead of the couple so as to give them a close up view of her pretty bare cheeks.
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