Clifford Simak

They Walked Like Men

A reporter uncovers a terrifying conspiracy, in this thrilling classic from a Science Fiction Grand Master.
After a night out on the town, Parker Graves returns home to life-threatening danger. The science reporter for the local newspaper barely misses a bear trap sitting on his doorstep. Then, the object transforms into what looks like a bowling ball and rolls off into the night all by itself. He begins to obsess over the question—Who put the trap there? And why?
The following day, there is strange news floating around at the newspaper office. Someone with limitless funds is buying up hundreds of homes and businesses, only to close them up and tear them down. People are running out of places to live and to work. Suddenly, Parker finds himself in the middle of a story nobody will believe . . .
Aliens? Dolls that walk like people? Talking dogs? With a little help from a fellow reporter and an unusual visitor, Parker just might be able to put a stop to this mess—if he survives.
“Some surprising jolts of violence and mayhem and a goodly dollop of cosmic paranoia.” —Fantasy Literature
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    I really love dis storyline

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