Jack N. Raven

Hypno Machines – How To Convert Every Object In Your Environment As a Device For Psychological and Emotional Manipulator

This book is all about reprogramming and having control of  literally every object that exists in the world, and any object and concepts, feelings and emotions that exists only in the mind, as actual tools that affect change within you!
By tools, it literally means tools! Physical objects acting like electronic equipments with actual on/off switches and levers.
The same technology can also be applied as a tool of persuasion and brainwashing, depending on the intent of the Operator or user.
Students of the occult will be able to utilize the technologies here and will be able to make some modifications for use in ritual magick purposes.
By following the recommendations in this book, you can literally turn literally everything in the world as a tool of emotional, psychological and even spiritual development not only for you, but for every one you care about.
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