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Bram Stoker

Lady Athlyne

This romance novel by Bram Stoker was written in 1908. It was published one year before the release of Stoker's The Lady of the Shroud.
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    “There are many things that men should fight for — and die for if need be. But I am bound to say that I don’t hold that the chiefest among them is a personal grievance; even if it be on the subject of the measure of one’s own self-respect.” Noticing the coming frown on the Kentuckian’s face, he went on a thought more quickly: “But, though I don’t hold with duelling, Colonel Ogilvie, for any cause, I am bound to say that if a man thinks and believes that it is right to fight, then it becomes a duty which he should fulfil!”
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    “Did you ever hear of the Irishman who said: There’s some subjects too sarious for jestin’; an’ pitaties is wan iy them? I can’t sauce my father, or chaff him, or be imprudent — though I believe he likes me to be imprudent — to him. when he talks of respect. He has killed men before now for want of that. But he won’t kill me. He knows that my respect for him is as big as my love — and there isn’t room for any more of either of them in me. Don’t you Daddy?”
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    When the Narrows had been reached and passed and the flag of smoke from the great chimney of the Standard Oil Refining Works lay far behind on the starboard quarter; when Fire Island was dropping down on the western horizon, all became changed as though the wand of some beneficent fairy had obliterated all that was ugly or noxious in its beneficent sweep. Sky and wave were blue; the sun beamed out; and the white-breasted gulls sweeping above and around the ship seemed like the spirit of nature freed from the thrall of the Ice Queen.
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