F. Fidelio

Invasion of the Vox Lagomorpha

When aliens land in the North of England…

At the epicentre of the revelation that We Are Not Alone, unlikely heroines, Bernie and Rupi, find themselves sucked into global events to help avert the alien-induced doomsday that threatens.

For they are front-line Rabbit Welfare Activists at a time when the Bunnies of Earth, as the most social, most vulnerable entities living among humans, have been charged by the Aliens to give evidence against the People of Earth in a galactic court.

Humanity's survival depends on the witness of the most abused, most misunderstood pet.

Can we hope for mercy, or expect revenge?

This earthbound but uplifting British sci-fi comedy by F. Fidelio, features close encounters of a fluffy kind unanticipated by Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence scientists.

Secret service plots, political spin, media depravity, budding romance, rabbit recalcitrance and a light-hearted animal rights campaign combine in this quirky page-turner, to fondly satirise present day Planet Earth. Prime Ministers, scientists, and talk show hosts are among those squarely in the ray-gun's sights, and even Marlon Bundo gets his moment.

Go on, treat yourself to a giggle…
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