Clive Staples Lewis

The Chronicles of Narnia 2. Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia

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In this novel, C.S. Lewis brings the original heroes of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe back to the magical world of Narnia. Having spent a year on boring old planet earth, our heroes Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy find themselves back in the land they have dearly missed. However, they find that Narnia has changed deeply, and now the talking animals are being oppressed by the king.
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    juliasegura97compartió su opiniónhace 3 años
    👍Me gustó

    Me gustó, aunque me pareció un poco lento. No me gustó la aparición de ciertos personajes que me parecieron fuera de lugar (léase mitología greco-romana). Ansío leer pronto el siguiente volumen.

    G I N A :3compartió su opiniónhace 5 años
    👍Me gustó
    💡He aprendido mucho
    🎯Justo en el blanco
    💧Prepárate para llorar

    freyjacompartió su opiniónhace 2 años
    👍Me gustó


    Vanja Gorčevcompartió una citahace 2 meses
    AFTER this, Caspian and his Tutor had many more secret conversations on the top of the Great Tower, and at each conversation Caspian learned more about Old Narnia, so that thinking and dreaming about the old days, and longing that they might come back, filled nearly all his spare hours.
    foiiacompartió una citahace 3 meses
    Lucy heard Edmund say, “No, let me do it. It will be more of a sucks for him if I win, and less of a let-down for us all if I fail.”

    “All right, Ed,” said Peter.
    natalyalitrovnikcompartió una citael año pasado
    Firstly, because my old heart has carried these secret memories so long that it aches with them and would burst if I did not whisper them to you.

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