A Woman Named Coral, Jane Huxley
Jane Huxley

A Woman Named Coral

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Huxley’s remarkable new novel unfolds against the backdrop of an elegant suburb of Lima, Peru, as well as the lush cotton fields of Cochabamba. It tells the story of a tumultuous love affair between a man and a woman whose lives become entangled in an enthralling, yet dangerously complicated way.
In the spring of 2014, an English journalist, Stefan Larsen, returns from an assignment in Afghanistan to learn that the missing daughter of family friends, who died in Peru twenty years ago, might have been sighted. Commissioned to write an article about San Marcos University in Lima, Stefan agrees to follow up the intriguing lead. During his investigation he meets Coral, the beautiful wife of a local aristocrat and wealthy cotton magnate, an encounter that will become a personal odyssey and change a hitherto harmonious existence.
Part romance, part mystery, the novel reveals with impressive economy and elegance the complexities of four main characters who, beneath a veneer of sophistication, are entwined in curious and conflicting relationships.

A deeply moving tale of love, desire, rape, loyalty and betrayal.
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