Eva Orsmond

The Last Diet – Cook Yourself Thin With Dr Eva

This is the last diet you'll ever need. Why? Because Dr Eva Orsmond, at last, gives you the truth about healthy weight loss for life.

Eva has helped thousands of people lose weight through her clinics and on RTÉ's Operation Transformation. Now you can benefit from her easy-to-follow weight-loss steps, tasty recipes and sound advice, which will guide you on your way to achieving your healthy weight — and staying there.

The Last Diet is flexible, balanced and realistic. It shows you how to:

— Change your behaviour: replace the bad habits with good ones
— Prepare for the plan with a 10-step guide
— Change your life with Eva's 4-phase plan
— Address your emotional issues with food
— Cook easy, healthy, low calorie meals with 90 recipes includedThis book will educate you about food and food choices. It will show you how to create a lifestyle change that is based on a healthy eating routine. Most of all, it will offer you a real chance at achieving healthy weight loss for life.
The Last Diet — Cook Yourself Thin with Dr Eva Orsmond: Table of Contents
— How did I put on this extra weight?
— Calories count
— What on earth are you eating!
— Behaviour modification
— Step by step to a new lifestyle
— Phase 1–ketogenic diet
— Dietary factors in health
— Phase 2–1,200 kcal diet
— How the body metabolises energy
— Phase 3–1,600 kcal diet
— Emotional issues with food
— Phase 4–2,000 kcal diet
— Soups, salads and spreadsAfterword
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