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Little Cakes & Mini Gateaux

Small cakes — baked, decorated and eaten in no time!

Half as big but twice as good — when it comes to taste, these small cakes are up there with the big ones. With the help of this lovingly created eBook you can say goodbye to cumbersome conversion calculations: our recipes have been designed for those popular little baking tins and so they're ideal for the coffee round. Whether you like them sweet and with lots of fruit, or go for clever, cream and chocolate combinations, delicious, classic old favourites, or tiny, fine, one-portion-cakes: this book with over 100 recipes offers you range and variety, and most of all: they're keepers.

— Small cakes and mini gateaux for every occasion
— For celebrations, birthday parties or spontaneous coffee rounds
— Whatever you fancy — filling, crème patissière, fruit or chocolate — there's something here for everyone
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