Evelyn Anthony

The Romanov Trilogy

Three novels by the prize-winning international-bestselling author in one volume —the complete saga of Catherine the Great’s passionate rise to power.
The Romanov Trilogy brings three of Evelyn Anthony’s most successful works together in one collection following the dramatic life of Catherine the Great.
Rebel Princess: Augusta Fredericka’s fantasy of reigning as Catherine the Great comes true after marrying Grand Duke Peter Romanov. But the repulsive—and sexually and emotionally impotent—heir to the Russian throne is not the man she expects. A succession of lovers may fulfill her, but they’ve also left her vulnerable to her seditious husband’s plot to have her arrested for treason.
Curse Not the King: Since her husband’s assassination, Catherine has ruled for a decade. But her son—the rightful heir to the throne—has never forgiven her seizure of power, or forgotten his father’s murder. Little does he know the sacrifices she’s made—as mother and empress—to safeguard his liberty and life. Now, all Catherine can do is pray that her son’s blind rage won’t destroy them both.
Far Flies the Eagle: Following victory in Europe, Gen. Napoleon Bonaparte is ready for his next conquest: Russia. What has he to fear from such a young czar? But Alexander, the grandson of Catherine the Great, should not be underestimated. A powerful adversary, he’s already murdered his own father to ascend to the throne. Vanquishing the French emperor will be a pleasure.
Sweeping from Paris to the Kremlin to the battlefield, Anthony’s historically authentic trilogy offers a fascinating glimpse into the Romanov family and of the grand ambitions of one woman. “Miss Anthony knows how to highlight the . . . drama and intrigue that gradually change a trembling girl into a woman of brilliance and power” (The New York Times).
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