Offering to the Storm, Dolores Redondo
Dolores Redondo

Offering to the Storm

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The final book in Dolores Redondo’s atmospheric Baztan trilogy, featuring Inspector Amaia Salazar. With masterful storytelling and a detective to rival Sarah Lund, this Spanish bestselling series has taken Europe by storm.
{"strong"=>["It begins with a murdered child. It ends in a valley where nightmares are born."]}
When Detective Inspector Amaia Salazar is called in to investigate the death of a baby girl, she finds an ominous sign that points to murder.
The girl’s grandmother tells the police that the ‘Inguma’ was responsible — an evil demon of Basque mythology that kills people in their sleep — Amaia is forced to return to the Baztán valley for answers.
Back where it all began, she comes face to face with a ghost from her past. And finally uncovers a devastating truth that has ravaged the valley for years.
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She followed Yáñez down the corridor to the kitchen, where a fluorescent light bulb flickered before coming on.

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