Kayla Gabriel

Speak No Evil

Brooding and stubborn, Asher Ellison will sacrifice everything to protect the one woman meant to be his, even if he has to walk away. Claiming his soul mate would place her life in mortal danger, and the sexy werebear would suffer a thousand hells before allowing anything to happen to her. His life is quiet. Empty. Lonely. But his stark existence is nothing compared to the danger Kira would face if he sticks around.
Someone disagrees. When Kira is kidnapped, Asher realizes he might have made a terrible mistake. And when she is dumped practically in his lap, his heart and mind are at war. His heart, and his bear, want their mate, want to keep her forever--and to hell with the consequences.
One look in Asher's dark gaze and Kira knows she's in a lot more trouble than just a threat to her life. Asher is far more dangerous than her enemies. She loved him, and he broke her into a million tiny pieces. And Kira's shattered heart never fully healed. Seeing him again is pure torture. But facing down the threat on her life without the devastatingly powerful Asher at her side is not an option. But neither is denying the longing in her still broken heart.
With love and destiny at war, Kira and Asher will have to move heaven and hell in order to face their demons… and get a second chance at breathless, passionate love.
Speak No Evil is a full length, sensual thrill ride and third in the Alpha Guardians series. If you love shifters with a taste for curvy women, hot romance with enough magic to make your skin tingle, and a swoon-worthy Happily-Ever-After, one click now!
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