Blythe Ayne

Write Your Book! Publish Your Book! Market Your Book

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Writers are no longer constrained by a narrow, subjective, bottleneck in the river of publication, commandeered by a handful of people determining if our work will ever see the light of day. 
As indie authors, our readers support our writing—and not only by buying it, but by writing us and letting us know what they love in our stories, or what has helped them in our nonfiction books. 
As an indie author you’re in the awesome and delightful position of interacting directly with your readers. You get to discover for yourself what strikes a resonating chord with them, instead of hoping a publisher and its team will find your readership. 
Indie authors have the privilege of interacting personally, one-on-one, with the people who have discovered our writing, who are delighted to be able to communicate with the author of the stories and the information that has touched their lives. 
We live in astounding times!
But you are responsible to produce your book. No one is going to do it but you. You have to provide your own deadlines, and you must meet them. No one—but you—will demand that you turn in your manuscript. 
To help you along, in Write Your Book! Publish Your Book! Market Your Book! you’ll find  a plethora of relevant, cutting-edge help in these three major fields—writing, publishing, marketing—where you must learn the ropes in order to have your unique, only-you-can-write-it book in the hands of the people who are, even now, looking for it (not yet realizing it), when they scan the millions of published books. 
The ever-growing and successful Indie Movement has shown that we writers do, indeed, know what people want to read. We’re proving we are capable of producing intriguing and significant writing.
“You are a start-up …. 
The next great business is you.” 
Hugh Howey
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