Richard Johnson

Outdoor Life: The Ultimate Survival Manual

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This comprehensive guide is full of the strategies, skills, and gear you need to survive any catastrophe—from natural disasters to the collapse of society.
All over America, families are transforming spare rooms into long-term storage pantries, planting survival gardens, unplugging from the grid, converting their homes to alternative sources of energy, taking self-defense courses, and stocking up on everything from canned food to ammunition. So what are these people preparing for?
In our increasingly unstable world, there are a whole host of catastrophic event that could throw civilization into turmoil. Outdoor Life: Prepare for Anything takes you through these potential threats and explains how to be prepared for them. From having the right equipment to considering your actions in the wake of a disaster, or acquiring the skills needed for self-sufficiency, this guide is full of hands-on hints, easy-to-use checklists, and engaging first-person stories.
This volume includes vital information on:
• Necessary skills in a time of a natural disaster, economic collapse, or societal restructuring.
• What should be in your house, pantry, basement, bunker, and go-bag.
• How to handle yourself and your family in the wake of disaster, from creating a plan to leading your neighborhood watch.
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