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NO Emotional Intelligence

Do You Have “NO Emotional Intelligence”?

What is the biggest thing that controls you? No, it's not your demanding boss or control freak mother-in-law. Look inside and ask yourself, every decision you make…how do you make it and what is it based off of?

If you think you make it based on rational-thinking, and that we're all logical creatures…think again! There is something within us older than prehistoric time…it's something called «emotions.»

Before our higher-thinking brain was developed that makes us intelligent creatures we are today, human-beings were primitive species ruled only by our instinctual nature and emotions.

We like to think we are in control of ourselves, our well-being, our success, and our destiny, but somewhere deep down inside is still this outdated animalistic part of our brain that no longer serves us in the present, that overrides our self-control and let our emotions run wild.

If our logic were to ever clash with our emotion, emotion would win because it has been around longer. That's why it's so easy to get lazy and not do what you're supposed to do BUT only WHAT you feel like doing WHEN you feel like, as well as easily get emotionally affected when your day has been going so well…until that one person messes it up or some bad news you get, read, or heard, causing your emotions to spin out of control.

This is a lack of emotional control, and a lot of us are not in control of our emotions. You're constantly reactive to other people and the things around you, not taking proactive approach in life to what you want, whether success, love, or happiness.

Now you know why you don't have a strong grasp over emotions. Whatever you do in this world is to experience emotions, such as entertainments or creating memories from new experiences, and such, it's all about the emotions felt.

That's the importance of developing emotional intelligence!

Within NO-Series “NO Emotional Intelligence?”:

* What is emotional intelligence exactly? What is it made up of and its components, and why is it important to know these to have better mood and self well-being everyday?

* What you need to AVOID to do that is NOT getting you the outcomes you want with other people because you are neglecting their emotions, and how they really feel underneath?

* How develop emotional intelligence to have better control over yourself and get things done easily and do what you really want to do in life by controlling your emotions, and not letting your emotions control you?

* How to improve empathy with people so they want to be around you because you're somebody they trust and look up to as a person and leader?

* How to explore and decipher what your emotions are really telling you, rather than what it may appear, so you know how to go about it and make better life decisions in love or finance?

* How to determine and measure your emotional intelligence level? Simple quizzes and tests to better understand yourself and your relationship with people and how to approach things positively.

* How to build your own emotional support so you'll always be secure and stable, regardless how people treat you or how tough times are? This is very crucial to have!

* Plus, custom practical “how-to” strategies, techniques, applications and exercises to increase emotional intelligence.

…and tons more.

Master your emotions, master your life. Get emotional intelligence, become emotionally intelligent now!
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