Blair Erotica

An Encounter With Pure Pleasure

Alone in Tokyo on business, Europa has a free weekend and she wants to fill it with pure pleasure. She craves a chance to be pampered and pleasured and restored. With the help of a friend, she finds herself whisked away to a small and enchanting Japanese spa where erotic massage is the order of the day, and hot men and women take her in more delicious ways than she could imagine.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Friday morning she woke up tired.

Not good, she thought.

She stretched, then got up and walked to the window and look out of her Tokyo hotel room. The city was already humming with activity. Seeing the cars and buses and people moving around so energetically made her own exhaustion seem even more extreme. How did these people do this day after day? How was it that the beehive never collapsed?

It had been a busy week of negotiating. Incomplete negotiations, unfortunately and she had been forced to extend her trip through the next week. But from this afternoon on an empty weekend lay ahead of her. Of course she could sleep and get rested for the coming week, but her tiredness went too deep. Perhaps she would go out for a soak in a hot tub and a nice massage.

She screwed up her face. The idea was fine but far too tame and not enough to fill up an empty weekend. That would relax her physically, but her tightness went much deeper than that too. She smiled, thinking of someone she knew who understood her, who might have the right kind of idea.

She picked up her cell phone and scrolled through the contacts until she came to the name Paris. Just seeing his name there conjured up warm and sensual memories. It was Paris had found her and Paris who had taken her on her first truly spontaneous sexual adventure. He showed her how sexual exploration could be incorporated into your life, joyously. Paris was a lover and a facilitator. He organized, arranged encounters among sexually free people. He had invited her, swept her into them. She was hooked.

Paris was on the other side of the world. Still, perhaps Paris could help.

“Hello Europa,” he said, when she called, using the name he had given her… the name he said identified her inner sexual being. “How are you?”

“Run down, my love. Mentally and physically exhausted. I am sitting alone in a hotel room in Tokyo with a broad desert of a weekend facing me. I need some pampering…a large helping of quiet and sensual pampering. I need something that will occupy me pleasantly and be sufficiently restorative so that I can face the next rounds in the business ring on Monday morning. I will be free from any time after lunch today until early Monday. Can you help me?”

“Tokyo,” he said and she waited anxiously through the pause that came as he thought. “Knowing you and what restores you, I can think of another friend who might be able to help. Will you be available take a call in about twenty minutes?”

“Yes. I will order breakfast from room service and sit right here with the phone.”

The call came in fifteen minutes. Part of her curse, one reason for her tension was her awareness of such things. This ability to notice such minutia made her one of the best at her work but staying focused that way was fatiguing itself.

When the call came, she expected to hear Paris on the line, but the caller was a woman with an accent she couldn’t recognize. “Our mutual friend Paris told me of your dilemma and asked me to help you. I certainly can do that. I would do almost anything for him.”

“Thank you,” she whispered gratefully. “We all would.”

“I have a place outside Tokyo that I set up for exactly this purpose. You are welcome to use it this weekend. I have alerted my staff and everything is being prepared now.”

“Thank you,” she breathed, unsure what she was thanking her for as yet.
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