Laura Lovecraft

Spellbound For Incest

Emma and her son, Eric, moved in hopes of a new start and forgetting old pain. Instead they find a house with a history of strange things happening to families, specifically mothers and their sons. Emma doesn't believe in ghosts or curses. But when she begins having incestuous dreams and forbidden desires she believe there are forces at work. Forces that have her spellbound…for incest!

Excerpt ~~~~~

“Eric, I need you to get this off me.” She grabbed the chain and lifted the pendent off her chest. “I tried to take it off, but the clasp is stuck.”
“Really? It looks great on you.”“Eric what color was this when you first saw it?” “Huh?” He blinked. “It was green of course.” He snapped his fingers. “No, wait, I think it was kind of light purplish.”“But its green now!” she said with more concern than she had intended.“Matches your eyes.” Eric nodded. “Maybe it’s like a mood stone.”“Take it off me, now.” Emma tried to remain calm.“Okay.” Eric leaned closer and took the chain in his fingers.His right hand covered the pendent and Emma gasped when a wave of heat flowed through her. Simultaneously, Eric released a sharp breath and blinked several times as if he were confused. The warm sensation spread throughout her body and caused chest trailed through her and caused of a different kind of heat between her legs.“This really does look good on you, mom.” Eric spoke softly and his eyes had a distant look in them. “It matches your gorgeous eyes.”“You like my eyes?” Her voice sounded different and she realized she was suddenly breathing heavy.“They’re beautiful,” He gave her that sweet smile she’d barely seen in the last few months. “Just like the rest of you.”“You think your mother’s beautiful?” She surprised herself with a little girl like giggle. “Tell me more.”“I like your hair down.” He put his left hand in her hair and lightly ran his fingers through it. “You always wear it up, but I really like it like this.”A shiver went through her as he played with her hair and like last night her nipples were so hard they were aching. “Maybe I’ll wear it down more,” She winked. “Just for my boy.”“You look so uptight with your hair up and the way you dress.” Eric continued to play with her hair. “But when its down it makes you look playful.”“Playful?” Seemed like an odd term for a boy his age.“Yeah, and sexy.” His voice had lowered to a husky pitch and she noticed he was breathing harder. “Like this outfit.”His hand left her hair and she swallowed hard when he put his palm on her bare chest just over the low neckline of the t-shirt. “Why?” She found herself looking forward to the response.“Because it shows you off. Shows how sexy you really are.” He gave her a sly smile as his eyes now fixed directly on her breasts.“Those shorts show off those long legs and your…” He winked lasciviously. “Rear end, shall we say.”“You look at your mother’s ass?” She giggled again even as somewhere in her mind she told herself to shut the hell up.“You’re a sexy woman, mom.” Eric told her, and leaned closer as he spoke. “I wasn’t kidding. A lot of my friends wanted you.”“Did they now?” She stared into his eyes and saw a look in them that no son should ever give his mother.“Yes, and know what?” He put his head next to hers and spoke in her ear. “It turns me on.”His breath was hot on her ear and sent a thrill through her. Fight it, the rapidly dwindling voice of reason yelled in her mind. Stop acting like this!Yet even as the words sounded in her mind she smiled and breathed. “Tell me why."
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