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Justine was an early work of the Marquis de Sade, written while imprisoned in the Bastille. It contains relatively little of the obscenity which characterized his later writing. Napoleon Bonaparte called Justine “the most abominable book ever engendered by the most depraved imagination.” Bonaparte ordered the arrest of Sade who as a result was incarcerated for the last 13 years of his life. Justine is set just before the French Revolution in France and tells the story of a young woman who goes under the name of Therese. Her story is recounted to Madame de Lorsagne while defending herself for her crimes, en route to punishment and death. She explains the series of misfortunes which have led her to be in her present situation. Classic erotic fiction.
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    Justine endures hell on the path to heaven.


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    For although we may fully respect our social conventions, and dutifully abide by the restrictions which education has imposed on us, it may unfortunately happen that through the perversity of others we encounter only the thorns of life, whilst the wicked gather nothing but roses.
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    Consider carefully what I have said and then let me ask you if a man who – either for pleasure or interest – performs in France one of the virtues of China or Japan (but which in his own country is looked upon as a dishonourable act) should feel any remorse? Should he allow this vile distinction to prevent his action? And if he has a little philosophy in his spirit, will it be capable of making him feel remorse?
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    There is no action universally considered as a crime over the whole face of the earth.

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