Wallace Kelly

Breaking The Worry Habit

No one likes the way constant worrying makes them feel, so why is it so difficult to stop? Because, the mind has a tricky way of making us believe that there are positive reasons to worry. On some level, we believe that it will help us avoid bad things, prepare us for the worst, or help us come up with a solution. Of course, none of this happens though. Instead, we just feel more stressed and unable to think clearly, take action, or let it go. It's like being in a self-made prison.

For decades I was stuck in a worry habit. Finally, I was so tired of living in a state of anxious limbo all the time that I went to work at taming my worry-beast. It wasn't easy or instantaneous, but the rewards were well worth the effort. I feel happier and freer than ever. It's like taking a much-needed deep breath after being buried under a one-ton weight for far too long.

Rather than letting your anxious thoughts spiral out of control and have them running and ruining your life, it's best to face them now and start doing something to minimize or even completely eliminate it.

In this book, I want to share some of the things I experienced, the tips and exercises that helped me (and many of my clients), and offer some heartfelt guidance. I'll show you how I finally learned to stop my anxious thoughts and start living again. I want that for you too!
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